28mm Collections for sale

Hi, I am Fons, former owner of Mabuhay Miniatures Painting Service (MMPS) in the Philippines (living back in Belgium now). I am selling of my collections of 28mm figures, all painted by the talented painters at MMPS and never "used in battle".  My health does not allow me any longer to spend much time and energy on wargaming so I rather sell my collections and have them go to someone that WILL use them. Most of them have never been on a wargames table so they are as good as new. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find what you are looking for!

About my figures

Sorry if you came here for my ACW, Zulu Wars and AWI collections. They are sold out already. 

Most of my collections are 28mm plastic and metal Perry Miniatures with some Wargames Foundry, Wargames Factory, Warlord Games and even (one unit) Elite Miniatures to fill the gaps in the Perry's range.

They are all painted, based and have the correct flags on their flagpoles. My collections have never been used, they went straight from the painters workshop to a display cabinet so they are as good as new. I sell them at 3€ per infantry figure or cannon and 6€ per cavalry figure which I think is a fair price for painted, ready to use minis. 

Shipping is at cost so you do not pay for shipping at checkout. You will receive a payment request for p&p when I am ready to ship your order.  If you live near me you can of course also come and pick them up at my place in Tienen. 


Shipping is at cost and is calculated by me after I have packed your parcel and know the correct amount to charge you.

Therefore the shopping basket will tell you that shipping costs are 0€. That is of course not the case, you will receive a payment request with the correct p&p cost when I am ready to ship your order. 

PS: I can send your parcel by UPS if you want it faster or do not trust the regular BE postal service but be advised that the cost will be substantially higher. Ask for shipment by UPS in the order comments if you want this. 



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